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“Reinventing care at home - the Buurtzorg way”, Public World

The workshop will introduce delegates to the Dutch Buurtzorg model of care at home, which has grown from one self-managed team of four in 2006 to more than 850 teams and 10,000 caregivers today. We will outline the key elements of the model; how it has improved quality, staff retention and productivity; and how it has influenced change throughout the system in the Netherlands. Interactively, we will explore the potential benefits and challenges of applying the Buurtzorg approach here, and how Public World is working in partnership with Buurtzorg to do that. We will identify the obstacles and explain how we are overcoming them in our work at 10 sites across England and Scotland.

“CQC - Compliance and beyond”, Orr-Campbell Consultancy

The workshop will give an overview of how services are assessed, what is evidence and how to make it visible. It will highlight some of the common pit falls and give ideas of how to ensure that inspectors see the evidence they need to rate your service. The workshop will raise the importance of team working, quality control and quality assurance. Providers will leave the workshop with a range of avenues to follow in their own businesses to ensure that they get the highest grading they can.

"In pursuit of fairer contracts – working with public sector commissioners”, Anthony Collins Solicitors


Members of UKHCA are facing increasingly unrealistic and unsustainable fee rates being imposed by public sector commissioners. This workshop will provide you with a guide to the legal and commercial framework you are likely to encounter and the options available to proactively approach commissioners, to challenge local authorities when setting fee rates, or to terminate unsustainable contracts. 

"Achieve Outstanding from the CQC", everyLIFE Technologies


Those services using Care Planning, real-time electronic medicate and care notes systems, are at least 3 times more likely to get an Outstanding rating from the CQC – and are extremely unlikely to receive any form of negative inspection reports from the CQC. Find out:


•    What do CQC Inspectors say about electronic care management systems?
•    How are they encouraging the industry to develop?
•    Can I really do this, and save significant money in my care operations?

"Five Steps for Retaining Your Best Talent", Smith & Henderson


With unemployment falling, BREXIT and the ageing demographics, carer recruitment will become even more difficult. What will separate care providers able to meet demand is how well they retain their best talent.  

During this workshop, we will provide five specific strategies for improving carer retention, with a practical case study from one of the UK’s most respected homecare providers.

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